Our Projects


Winter 2019

Souls for the Savior

Our goal is to provide each child in the villages with a pair of shoes.

For only the cost of a cup of coffee, you can help in providing a child with a pair of sandals.

Our goal of 1,000 pair of sandals is two-thirds met as of November 2014.

Join us in helping One Child, One Family, One Village at a time!


A medical clinic for 3-days with a Physician that's coming with us treated 404 patients.

Distributed & dispensed over 600 doses of medical supplies and antibiotics to these very sick babies.

Health and latrine building seminars.

VBS for 3-days & making 100's of bracelets with the Jesus story for the mothers and children.

The men will finish up the newly built church and do a water pipeline project.

The Jesus film shown nightly with an Evangelistic Outreach to the Village of Entasatti.

If you feel that God has laid this burden on your heart, then pray & contact us ASAP! The African motto is: There is always room for one more…YOU!

Intasatii, Kenya

• Construction is completed for a church and community center. Worship and health clinics are started.

-- Local congregational meetings and access to health seminars

• Support of Orphans' daily needs: alleviating hunger with food & water along with education by assisting with schooling.

• Foster parents and housing  .

• Helping to obtain and create Orphan sponsorship for future aid.


• Crisis management of the fatherless, widows and most in need of physical support for survival

-- Achieved through rehabilitation and infrastructure development (well construction), food distribution among the starving.

• Partnering with Life Impact Thailand in building homes for rescued sex slaved children

• Constructed houses for widows

-- Interviewed and confirmed real need, secured land to to construct semi-permanent homes.

• Obtained Orphan sponsorship, sent Orphans to school and provided daily meals

• Brought Farming God's Way to the Maasai ~ Being good stewards of God's land and farming practices


• Construction of church and community centers

• Access need for health seminars, and local congregational meetings.

• Development and construction of boreholes and wells

-- Locating the neediest for clean accessible water. 

-- Hydrology report, request bids from professional well drillers and proceed to drill borehole and install well pumps. 

--All areas must be free of charge, using donated or private property and there must be no charge to use or drink from these wells.

• Continue to sponsor Orphans and Widows.

• Bring Farming God's Way to the northern area of the Turkana villages in Lodwar, Kenya.